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Marco and Enrico Romitelli creating boots.
Finding Inspiration in Every Pair

The Romitelli Shoes factory is located in Monte San Giusto, in the Marche region.
This region is known worldwide as one of the most ancient and important Italian
footwear districts.


Founded by Enrico Romitelli (senior partner and CEO) in 1979, this artisan company
boasts over 40 years of experience in the footwear sector. Known for years in the
equestrian world under the name Romitelli, the brand has become synonymous with creativity, design and customization.

Combining direct knowledge of production techniques with the careful selection of leathers and accessories is the essential strategy in the creation of finely handmade footwear. Designed for those discerning individuals who are not satisfied with just a pair of boots but want a unique, inimitable creation hand made in Italy.

A team of experts, including Enrico's son Marco Romitelli, work constantly to anticipate trends and the evolution of design, offering innovative solutions to customers who increasingly ask for originality and reliability.

Romitelli boots are crafted with top quality leathers and scrupulous attention to design,
down to the very last detail. Ensuring a remarkable finished product that exudes quality
and elegance.

Do you want to create the boots of your dreams? Let your imagination be your guide and Romitelli will make them happen!

Making Romitelli Boots
Romitelli Factory in Italy
Romitelli Factory in Italy
Romitelli Factory in Italy
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