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Great for cleaning, conditioning and protecting your tack, all in one simple step! Unlike plain old hard glycerin soap bars, messy oils and creams, this is soft, yet solid, and so very easy to apply. Cleans and absorbs quickly and effectively, adding strength and a rich, supple texture while leaving a light, protective finish behind that looks great.  And it smells good, too!

  • Works on all leather, new and old (except suede)
  • NO animal oils, NO silicone, NO toxins, NO chemicals, NO water
  • Concentrated formula offers a great value
  • Made in the U.S.A.

To use, wipe off dust and debris, then simply apply All-In-One with a dry or slightly dampened sponge or cloth, buffing in or wiping off any excess. Detergent free glycerin soap, natural conditioners and beeswax combine to clean, revitalize and protect, in one easy application. For use on smooth leather. Not recommended for use on suede.  Store in cool location - this will melt if left in the sun.

Ingredients: detergent free glycerin soap, cow's cream, leather loving plant oils, beeswax, essential oil blend. Comes with a sponge. 

All-In-One Leather Cleaner

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